Who woulda thunk that there would be problems with off-ramps?  I suppose it’s not a major problem, but one that’s been popping up lately, so I decided I might put something out there.

It will be a simple post.  Prepare yourself.

Off-ramps were created to allow ample time for the driver to slow down from highway speed upon exit from the highway.  They should be used as such.  You should not slow down while still on the highway!!!!!!!!!!!! (See below)  It slows the flow of traffic and causes all kinds of problems.


Here we have a gray car preparing to exit.  He or she is signalling, which is good.  The problem here is that they are breaking while they are still on the highway, causing everyone else behind them to have to slam on their brakes and get stuck in a line.  The light blue car and the white car in the lane are not going to this exit.  Perhaps they are going to one shortly after or just merged and have not had a change to safely change lanes.  They are now held up by someone slowing down to 40 mph in a 65 mph zone to exit off this ramp.  This will cause a huge line up of people and trucks traveling in the far right lane and bother everyone that would prefer to travel at highway speeds while traveling on the highway.

Lesson:  Speed is good.  Carry it into your off-ramp.  They are engineered to allow 18-wheelers to have enough time to slow down from 65 mph, so I sure hope you can slow down in time too.